How To Invest For Your Health

No one is getting younger, and with increasing age, the health problems increase too. Along with this, the stress and pressure of the professional world also bring about their own sets of problems that directly reflect on your health. Some lifestyle habits also contribute to this With so much going on, your health is at great risk. You, therefore, need to cover it right away. If something were to happen, you should be able to take the right call and seek the best possible healthcare services.

Medical inflation has gone through the roof in the last few years. The cost of getting treated at the best hospitals in the country is so high that many people can’t even afford it. You need a health insurance plan to cover the medical expenses at the time of an emergency. When the need arises, you should not have to pull your calculator out and do the math. With a good health plan in place, you should only focus on your treatment. You certainly would not wish to spend your savings in case of a medical emergency!

Those who had no health insurance in 2017 should use tax penalty for no health insurance 2017 calculator to calculate their penalty. The fee is calculated two different. You will pay whichever is higher. 1. Per person per year $34750 per child under 18. $695 per adult. Maximum: $2,085 per family
2. Percentage of income. 25% of annual household earnings. Maximum: Total annual premium for the average Marketplace price of a Bronze plan sold.

Exercising starts with developing healthy habits. Although sources suggest getting 150 minutes of exercise each week, many people aren’t even close to meeting this standard.
Rather than feeling overwhelmed, Start with the fundamentals to build confidence. Five minutes of exercise each day isn’t enough to get into shape, but it is enough to start a foundation for healthy habits. Once you can follow all the exercises easily and successfully, then you should slowly increase the time and intensity of the workout as per your suitability.

Many people, who are out of shape start out too fast, jumping into what they think they “should’. be able to do instead of what they should do. This often results in injury or burnout from overtraining. So, stay patient and be careful.

Start something with a lower impact like walking or resistance training with elastic bands or towels to get movement patterns down. Then progress your activity at no more than 10% per week to avoid injury.
To get a well-rounded exercising program, make sure you include resistance training, cardiovascular activities, balanced exercises and stretches for tight or overused areas like your chest and shoulders.
Don’t ever think that you have to go and make a big splash. If your goal is to go to the gym for 60 minutes, then you better follow your commitment and stick to the basics before you make a big change in the plan.

Eating healthy is a good investment for your health, and there are no excuses for not to eat healthy even when you are in a hurry. In everyday life, it is often busy, and maybe less attention is paid to the dietary requirements. To overcome this problem is possible to build on useful tips to combat common diseases caused by poor nutrition.

There are many alternatives to the choice of food and food manufacturers are increasingly specializing. If you have at hand a snack not very healthy, you can eat it, but in moderation. If you are an employee of junk food, alternative with lower fat content may be used to try to detoxify from the constant eating. So start your journey to a healthy diet gradually and in moderation. Choose healthy snacks for a diet low in cholesterol, your heart and your body will thank you!


Ways to Use Technology To Create Awareness About Health

The old adage goes that “prevention is better than cure’, and the saying is still very much relevant to our present health situation Once a disease such as heart disease or diabetes starts spreading the results can be costly in terms of treatment involved and can also be life-threatening. If you manage to take necessary precaution and awareness, you will be able to safeguard against possible disaster happening.

For some time now, mass media (radio, newspapers, television, etc.) and of course community-wide strategies have been used or employed in creating awareness about health. The ways or strategies are still being greatly employed but right now they are being supplemented by the use of contemporary technology applications and platforms. The use of technology, unlike the earlier strategies, solely relied on has enabled the refining and care interventions to be instituted or established to be able to address populations that are better defined in a community setting like a workplace This is among the benefits offered by technology. Through internet using different gadgets, opportunities that are unprecedented have been created. It is possible to be in touch with individuals all over the world, flattening the physical boundaries.

At present, it is estimated that there are 22 billion monthly active users of Facebook and this number serves to demonstrate social media’s rapid intake. One other essential change that took place is the improved user experience with the contents that are user-generated and user-manipulated including blogs and social networking sites. Because of the potential of ICT in health in general, there are ways to use technology to create awareness about health:

Platforms to Share Information That Are User-Generated
An example of such a platform is PatientsLikeMe which serves as a necessary health sharing platform through which creation of awareness is possible and also patients can learn and get in touch with each other. For example, through such a platform you can benefit from knowing how to achieve faster metabolism or learn about the correct information in regards to the Flexbelt controversy.

Monitoring Of Public Health Threats
A website such as Health Map and Outbreaks Near Me, a mobile app, are employed for the purpose of making the public aware of the information in regards to infectious diseases that are emerging.

Use Of Technology Tools By Healthcare Professionals
Among the benefits realized by healthcare professionals using social media tools is that they are able to reach their patients through the platforms like Twitter to create awareness in regards to a disease apart from other information related to health.

Raising Funds
There are a number of individuals and organizations such as The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation that are raising funds while at the same time managing to create awareness about health issues such as cancer or mental health among others. The use of social media platforms and other websites and services has made that possible.


Medicine World: Reality with Medical Career


Medicine World: Reality with Medical Career
It is the dream of every parent to have a medic in their lineage. Have you ever thought of what it entails to become a renowned medical professional? It is easier said than done. Learning human physiology is not a walk in the park. At the same time, the fact that you can save someone’s life makes it more thrilling and fulfilling.

The medicine world is one of the exciting yet complex profession. If you want to get a career with more introvert then it is this profession. This is people who have no time even for themselves. They are always on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can never plan with then if, they are your spouse. They are ever n call if not attending an emergency then on call giving a prescription or a medical advice. Although the ay package for the profession is also fulfilling, it reaches a point where money is not really a guiding principle to your happiness.. Your “me” time away from your career is even better.

When studying at the degree level, it is one course that involves both practical and theory work. The time is never enough for medical students. I remember when I had to undergo through an emergency caesarian section, one of the students was ever by my bedside taking my history and writing medical notes from the time I was admitted to the time I was discharged, which was almost after three weeks. I wondered if this girl even ad time t attend classes. Little did I know I was part of her exams until when she had to do an hour medical presentation before the doctors (who happen to be the lecturers)

On a good note, this is a call rather than a profession. Imagine spending all this time and effort on a patient and finally ends up dying. You have no option but to let them go. This really needs a strong heart.

What of being called ” a boss” or a “consultant? of course, it is fulfilling. It boosts your confidence to always try and give the best advice. In this profession, you will have a chance to meet critically ill patients who look upon you as their only hope. You have to do your best.

This is a practical knowledge that you have only two options in school, it is either you pass or fail. One of my lecturers used to say, it’s either “you know” or “you do not know” You cannot afford to gamble with peoples bodies. You must just do the right thing. The reward for all this effort is a hefty package with additional benefits from your employer. You can as well become an entrepreneur as long as you have a practicing license. You have to be keen when pursuing this route because of diverse policies from country to country.

In addition, you have all the emotional, spiritual, psychological and financial satisfaction when you handle this career with all the professionalism it deserves. Similarly, when handling emergencies like natural disasters, it is the time you can really hate the career. Look at the bigger picture.


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